Hi Joel!

This morning, the Trekker arrived at the store, just in the time you promised. I worried about what condition it would arrive in. But had I known what great care your crew took in crating it, I shouldn’t have worried at all. The trailer was uncrated and found to be in absolutely perfect condition! Please thank those who did the fine crating job.

Now….. Joan and I are totally blown away at the quality of your product!! We simply cannot believe how well it is made, and how nice it looks behind our Harley.
The colour match is *perfect*, and very nicely applied. Thanks to your painter!
The lines of the Trekker are so very beautiful and modern. Everything else out there just looks like a box with wheels. My co-workers were anxious to see it, and were astonished at how good it looks.

The dual hatch feature is fantastic, as is the special locking system. You are a very good designer to have come up with such a unique set of features.
The fiberglass work is very impressive. I’m amazed at how nicely the hatch covers fit and close. Absolutely top quality!!!

(By the way….you *must* get the Trekker design patented as soon as possible. Of all the trailers I considered, I saw nothing like your product.)
You also did a good job of finishing the interior. The weather seals look expertly applied, and I doubt we will have any leaks.
The LED lights look great! I still have a bit of wiring to do on the bike, but will have them lit up very soon.

I could go on and on about how much we like the Trekker, but I will tell you more later.
This weekend, we are going to take a short trip just to see how “she” handles. I’ll report back soon. Also, I’m going to take lots of high-quality images of the trailer on our upcoming vacation. I will put them on a CD-ROM for you to use in your advertising, if you wish.

Once again, thank you for the Trekker. The quality and value for the money is simply remarkable.
What’s more, you have been a “straight-up” guy to deal with, and kept all your promises. We expect to sell a few trailers for you in return. Best wishes for now……

Doug & Joan